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In today’s world, sustainability is  indispensable. The amount of harm that humans have already caused this planet is irreversible; This is why we need to do everything in our power to clean up up this earth, and limit the amount of further damage done.
At Hippy Feet, sustainability is incredibly important to us and we make sure that we incorporate environmentally friendly practices whenever and wherever possible. We start by making our socks out of primarily eco-friendly materials. Currently, we offer socks made from either recycled yarn or organic cotton. The base of the majority of socks that we sell is made up of approximately 85% recycled yarn consisting of 55% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester. 
What are recycled yarns and why are they important? Recycled yarns are fibers taken from old clothing and cutting scraps that are up-cycled and made into “new” yarns. What makes this type of yarn so crucial for our sustainability practices, is that they are produced using NONE of the water and toxic chemicals that are required for conventional cotton fiber. 
Time for a little math. It takes 20,000 liters of water to grow 1kg of cotton, or approximately one 1-shirt or 1 pair of jeans. Your average cotton bale weighs around 270kg and can produce 4,300 pairs of socks, therefore 1kg of cotton grows approximately 18.94 pairs of sock.  With 20,000 liters of water required to grow 1kg of cotton, it takes 1,055.97 liters of water to produce just a single pair of socks. 
Now, what does all of this mean specifically when it relates to Hippy Feet’s environmental impact? As of July 2018, Hippy Feet has sold approximately 14,000 pairs of our recycled cotton socks. This means that with this sustainability practice alone, we have saved roughly 14,783,580 liters of water, which is 3,905,408.67 gallons of water since the start of our endeavor. With cotton farming being responsible for 2.6% of global water use, it is important to us that we make our socks out of primarily recycled materials. 
Recycled yarn also limits land pollution, as growing standard cotton requires the use of toxic chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers. Its estimated that cotton cultivation consumes 11% of the world’s pesticides and represents 25% of global insecticide consumption. When we do use newly grown cotton in any of our products, we use organic cotton, which causes significantly less pollution on the land as it requires very little non-renewable resources, which are used for fertilizers and pesticides. 
Hippy Feet’s sustainability practices aren’t just limited to our socks; We make our apparel products out of organic cotton or RPET fibers, which is a polyester fiber recycled from water bottles that require 50-60% less energy, and 99.99% less water than virgin polyester. We even go as far as to use recycled paper for all of our packaging. 
Why make such a fuss over sustainability? We aren’t just doing it for you; we are doing it for this beautiful planet that we call home. Be mindful of what your clothes are made of, to be persistent in your efforts to be kind to this earth, and as always, to stay hippy. 

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