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We’re often asked where the name Hippy Feet comes from. To address some of the assumptions we’ve heard…

 No, the socks aren’t made from hemp.

 Yes, our staff bathes regularly. 

So where does it come from? 


We look to the original hippie movement with rose colored glasses, drawing inspiration from its best parts. Young people stood for the ideals of love and progress. Music and art were as vibrant as ever, and change was in the air. These ideals are timeless - so we look to preserve them.

We take care of our planet through our use of organic and recycled yarns. We wear the title of “Tree Hugger” with pride. Sustainable business requires a sustainable environment. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our blog post on Hippy Feet’s environmental impact - your support has had a tremendous reduction in the amount of water and synthetic materials used when compared to traditional sock companies.

Peace, love, and empathy drive us. These are the principles that our work is based in, and we look with admiration to a generation of young people 50 years ago who stood up for what they believed. They spoke out against what they believed to be unjust, and it’s this action that inspires us today. 

Their skepticism of corporations and government called for a new system. Similarly, we believe a better way of doing business is possible. Companies must build up their communities and the people around them. We do this through our support of homeless youth, but we challenge other companies to stand for what is right as well.   

While the Summer of Love and the events of the late 60s and early 70s pre-date our team members at Hippy Feet, we’re proud to say we each have a hippie or two in our family tree. We look to them and the change they stood for, knowing progress is possible.


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