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We are proud to have developed partnerships with various organizations and shelters in the Midwest and are continually working to expand our reach. Hippy Feet currently works closely with a handful of organizations including Youthlink, Women’s Advocates, the Listening House of Saint Paul, Northlands Rescue Mission, Elpis Enterprises, the UW Exchange Program and more. These organizations offer meals, shelter, services and provide resources that are critical to helping struggling individuals.


As Hippy Feet grows, we look forward to working alongside other shelters, non-profits, and volunteers. We are on a mission to have an impact on the lives of those in the homeless community. This is a mission that can only be made possible with the help of our partners. 

If there is a shelter in your area where there is a need for Hippy Feet socks, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at info@hippyfeet.co