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Free shipping on orders of $50 or more!
Custom Logo Socks


Whether it’s a one-off gift for a friend or thousands of socks as promotional products for your company, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to creating custom socks. In this article, we’ll be talking about different types of socks you can create and everything you should consider. 

Socks have become a more popular way to add a pop of color to an outfit and showcase your personality. This is easier than ever with websites out there offering to put your pet’s face on a pair of socks or print any other design you can think of. 

Companies are creating custom socks as well. They’re used as client gifts, employee incentives, and promotional products. Any organization - club, team, charitie, or company can make socks with their colors, logo, or any other design elements that showcase who they are. 


Promotional Socks

Socks created for the Minnesota Timberwolves




What to look for when ordering custom socks

Fully Customizable

Sure, you could just have your logo embroidered on the outside of a blank pair of socks. Is that really the best option though? You’re much better off ordering with a manufacturer that can customize the whole product for you. This way, you can control the colors, designs, and features to create a truly unique product!

High quality materials & manufacturing

The materials you use matter. Most socks will be knit with at least some synthetic materials to provide elasticity, but entirely synthetic socks will usually not be breathable or wick moisture making them less comfortable. We prefer to use environmentally sustainable recycled and organic cotton as the base for our socks since it makes for a soft, cozy material that breathes and wicks moisture. 

Many companies creating custom socks will skimp on material when knitting their socks. This creates thin, cheap feeling socks. If you’re going to use these socks as a gift for employees, clients, or potential customers you risk negatively representing your brand.


Working with a company that stands behind their products ensures that you have a good experience throughout the design and order process. It decreases the likelihood that something goes wrong, and makes sure that they’re there to help if an issue occurs. Checking customer reviews and evaluating the company’s website can help you determine whether they are transparent and honest.

One-Off/Small Custom Sock Orders

Depending on how many socks you’re looking for, you have a couple different options available. Creating just one or two pairs of socks limits the techniques that can be used to make your products. 

A process called “dye sublimation” uses heat to print dye onto the fabric of a sock. Usually, these socks are knit a single solid color and have the design printed over them. The major advantage to dye sublimation is printing detailed, vibrant designs that don’t fade. However, the sock that the design is printed onto can vary significantly in quality depending on the manufacturer. 

Simply embroidering a logo or design on socks can be a great option for small quantities as well, but embroidery can become quite expensive when producing larger quantitie. Logos or designs larger than the size of a quarter can also be irritating due to the stitching inside the sock.

Can I order a large amount of custom socks?

While both embroidery and dye sublimation can be used on large orders, you have an additional option available. At Hippy Feet, we knit the design directly into the sock itself. This creates a more finished, high end feeling product. It also allows you to customize more aspects of the sock including materials, colors, and features like arch support and blister tabs. Since these require the custom configuration of a knitting machine, the smallest quantity we can produce is 120 pairs. 

Creating Custom Socks with Hippy Feet

At Hippy Feet, we love to work with different types of organizations to make custom socks. While we have many similarities to the sock companies we describe above, we also have a unique approach that makes custom Hippy Feet socks the perfect gift.

When you make socks with us, we’re knitting each product to your design. This means that you’re getting a pair that is completely customized and the highest quality possible. The finished product is cozy and unique, but it also is socially responsible. 

We knit your socks with eco-friendly materials - usually using recycled or organic cotton as the base material. To read more about why this is important, check out our article Protecting the Planet


Custom Branded Socks

Socks for First Avenue made from recycled cotton

All of Hippy Feet’s products, including your custom socks, are American made. This ensures safe working conditions for the people making your socks and helps to support our economy. 

Most importantly, all of our packaging, embroidery, and screen printing is done by homeless youth. Your socks come packaged through our Pop-Up Employment Program - so you’re helping to create jobs for young people in need. There is a video at the bottom of this page that shares the story of one woman who worked in our program and the impact that Hippy Feet has had. 

By creating custom socks with Hippy Feet, you’re helping to make a difference for homeless youth. You get a cozy, unique product that showcases your organization’s brand and its commitment to the community.

If you’re interested in making custom socks with Hippy Feet, visit Custom Program or fill out the form below to get in touch. 



Amanda - July 8, 2020

I would love a pair of the First Avenue Minneapolis Star Socks, size women’s small. Please let me know when you start making them! Thank you so much!

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