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For us at Hippy Feet, environmental sustainability is essential. 

It's our goal to support the communities around us. It's simply not good enough to help the homeless if we create products that are harmful to the planet. It may be supporting a community in need, but it's doing so at the cost of others.

We have the responsibility to be kind to the Earth whenever possible, and we look to incorporate environmentally friendly practices throughout the operation of our business. 

Our socks are primarily made out of eco-friendly recycled and organic cotton. This allows us to limit our use of synthetic materials, and further limit the environmental impact of using a natural material like cotton. By using organic cotton, our growers avoid the use of harmful pesticides that can unintentionally end up in rivers, animals, or other places they don't belong. Using recycled cotton means that we don't need to grow a new material at all - saving water and the resources that go into farming. 

The remaining material in our socks is recycled polyester, and a small amount (<15%) of nylon or acrylic if necessary for elasticity. 

Cotton is beautiful, but drinks a lot of water

Time for a little math...

It takes over 2400 gallons of water to grow a pound of cotton. We can make about 9 pairs of socks from each pound of cotton. That means that each pair of socks we make from recycled materials saves 266 gallons of water. 

As of April 2019, we've sold over 28,000 pairs of socks. That means we've been able to save 7.4 million gallons of water.

Let's talk about how much water that is...
  • You could fill 11 olympic swimming pools
  • It's the household water use of nearly 500 Americans in a year
  • Everyone in the country of Belgium could have a water balloon fight (each person gets 14 balloons)
This commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with our socks. Our apparel is made from organic cotton. Our packaging is made from recycled paper. Across the board, we're making an effort to minimize our footprint.  

Why make such a fuss over sustainability? We don't just do it for our customers... we're doing it for the planet that we call home.

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