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Groomsmen Sock Guide

Guide to Groomsmen Socks

Getting ready for your wedding day feels like endless planning. We get it — it’s one of the biggest days of your life and you want all the details to be just right. Selecting socks for groomsmen is yet another decision to make. We put together this guide to make the process of choosing groomsmen socks a bit easier.

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How do you pick out groomsmen socks?

Socks will be a smaller accent item in your groomsmen outfits in most cases. As a rule of thumb, you’re going to want to start by selecting a suit color, followed by shoes and belts, and then socks last. If you have an accent color already picked out for your wedding, you can use this to help you decide which socks will work best.

We actually suggest avoiding dress socks for weddings. Dress socks tend to be thin making dress shoes rub and feel less comfortable. They also are typically made with a high percentage of synthetic materials — leading to sweaty, smelly feet.

Instead, picking a crew length cotton sock that has a bit more cushion can leave your feet feeling better after a long day on your feet dancing and greeting guests. The moisture-wicking in these socks keep them breathable and help prevent smelly feet. All of the socks we suggest in this guide fit those criteria.

Wedding Day Outfits

Matching Your Wedding Theme

You probably didn’t start your wedding planning by deciding on socks. By now, you probably know the general theme or feel of your wedding. Which of the following best describes your wedding’s personality?

Traditional - socks should play a subtle, non-distracting role in the outfit. More muted colors and traditional patterns work great here.

Modern & Sophisticated - more contemporary wedding styles let you get a bit more playful with pattern and designs, but you still don’t want the socks to overshadow the rest of the groomsmen’s suits.

Modern Groomsmen Socks Colorful Groomsmen Socks Rainbow Groomsmen Socks

 Quirky & Colorful - if you want a non-traditional wedding and want to use socks to showcase a bit of personality, then there are no rules! Colorful socks, fun patterns, and bold designs can be a great way to make your groomsmen socks a statement piece.


Should groomsmen have matching socks?

By having all your groomsmen (and the groom) wear the same socks, their outfits will be much more cohesive. It’s a great way to show a subtle attention to detail that your guests will appreciate.

"Matching socks are not mandatory for a groomsmen party, as most or all of the sock will be covered by their slacks. Encouraging groomsmen to have their own sock choices gives them reign to showcase their personality in their outfit without taking away from the overall cohesive bridal party theme." 

— Louise Hall, an expert Fashion Stylist at House of Colour

On the other hand, it can be fun to let each groomsman wear their own pair of funky socks — though this can be a bit distracting during your wedding service.

If you’re looking to get all of your groomsmen matching socks, check out our Groomsmen Sock Collection.

Custom Socks as Wedding Guest Gifts

If you’re looking to send guests home with a keepsake that they’ll actually use, makingcustom socks can be a great way to add your own memorable touch to your wedding day. Minimum orders start at just 120 pairs. See custom sock examples and request more information.

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