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Free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

Grandma's Floral Wallpaper Crews - Cinnamon Spice

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Picture this: You're lounging at your Grandma's house for a family holiday. A symphony of freshly baked cookies and the scent of decades-old shag carpet fills the air. Amongst the odd knick-knacks scattered across every surface, the star of the show? That utterly crazy wallpaper, a kaleidoscope of vibrant patterns and floral prints that adorned her living room. Our Grandma's Floral Wallpaper Crews pay homage to that unforgettable wall art, a playful nod to Grandma's bold sense of fashion and inability to escape the fog leftover from the 70's.  

These colorful crew socks feature a pattern of bright daffodil flowers overtop of a mirrored block of rectangles in spice orange and pomegranate red with a deep gold heel, cuff, and toe. Also available individually in Mystery Machine and Coastal Cappuccino colorways or as a 3-pack. 

Unisex Sizing

Small = women's shoe 5.5-9, men's shoe 4-7.5

Large= women's shoe 9.5+, men's shoe 8-14


58% recycled cotton, 32% Recycled polyester, 5% nylon, 5% elastic 


Made in North Carolina, USA.

Product Features


Seamless Toe: no more annoying bump at the tip of your toes
Y-stitched Heel: better fit and no more bunching
No-slip Cuff: Keeps your socks where they belong

Helping Homeless Youth Learn more the impact of these socks

50% of Profits Donated

Starting in 2022, we're committing to donating 50% of profits to nonprofit organizations that provide services to young people experiencing homelessness. These organization provide mental health & substance abuse counseling, transitional housing, healthcare, and other resources.

Want to learn more about our nonprofit partners and the work they're doing to help young people in need? Visit Our Mission.


Protecting the Planet

When you buy quality, you replace your products less often. That's why our socks are made to last. Every pair is knit using cotton recycled from t-shirts, saving 130 gallons of water that would be required by growing new cotton for your socks. Even the polyester in this pair of socks is recycled, limiting the amount of new synthetic material created to knit them.

Care Instructions

Low Maintenance

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low.

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