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Our Team

In October of 2015, Michael Mader suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell off his longboard. In the months of recovery that followed, he developed the idea for a sock company that could help the homeless - recognizing that his fate could have been different if he didn't have a support system around him.

The following May, he got together with Sam Harper to bring Hippy Feet to life.

Michael Mader and Sam Harper of Hippy Feet
Michael and Sam


Michael Mader

When he's not working on Hippy Feet, you can find Michael watching hockey, drinking too much coffee, and listening to Frank Ocean. He's the proud father of 3 cats, and yes - he would love to show you photos of them. 

Sam Harper

Sam is a dabbler. He dabbles in most things except dabbling, which is something he's wholeheartedly committed to. If he's not making cringe-worthy sock puns at the Hippy Feet office, he can usually be found asking strangers if he can pet their dog.